Tolle Zusammenfassung bei MetaFilter zum Schaffen Mike Oldfields, anlässlich seines Auftritts bei der Eröffnungsfeier der Olympischen Spiele in London.

You might have heard Mike Oldfield playing during the Olympic opening and wondered, „What! Why the heck would Danny Boyle want the Exorcist theme playing at the start of such a grand event!“ Oldfield’s kept a low profile for years, so you may not remember him as the man who literally launched Virgin Records, one of only three artists to ever knock his #1 record off the charts with another #1 record (the other two being Bob Dylan and the Beatles). But those teenage successes were merely the start of an astonishing career, one full of pop music and prog rock, sci-fi and New Age, film scores and classical orchestrations — not to mention a spot at the start of Kanye West’s recent album. His magnum opus, Amarok, is an hour of astonishing sounds and shifting genres which must be heard to be believed. Too overwhelming? Well, there’re a plethora of places you might start listening to Mike Oldfield, depending largely on what you’re in the mood to hear.

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