Der britische Künstler Diddo hat ein Heilmittel für Habgier aus der Tinte von Dollarscheinen inklusive Goldspritzen hergestellt und dazu ein Making-Of produziert. Großartig.

Mehr dazu auf seiner Website.

Making of ‚The Cure for Greed‘
A behind the scenes peek, excerpted over the four-month process to produce ‘The Cure for Greed’.
Intricate mechanical and chemical separation is needed to extract and recover pigment from US currency.
The ink is then re-stabilized, divided into individual doses and packaged into medical vials.

About the object
Each personally monogrammed custom-made mahogany or walnut box contains:
– One 24-karat gold plated syringe.
– One 5ml crimp-sealed serum vial containing one dose of stabilized pure dollar ink
mechanically and chemically recovered from approximately $10,000 in US currency.
– Two 24-karat gold plated needles.

via TheCuriousBrain