Taste The Rain ist eine aus Baumrinde geformte, lebensgroße Skulptur von Anna Gillespie, die für eine ganze Serie von Arbeiten von Bäumen gefallene Materialien wie Nussschalen oder Blätter eingesetzt hat.

„Taste the Rain is part of an on going series of work using material that has fallen from trees: acorns, beechnut casings, leaves, bark, sycamore keys,“ she tells us. „For this piece, I found the bark in a wood near my home in the south west of England, from a fallen tree. All these works try to express a moment of connection to nature and this particular piece is about trying to draw the viewer into recalling what it feels like to stand out in the rain and engage their senses.

„Trees have a skin and so do we. Trees stand up tall and so do we. Trees stand in the rain. This piece asks us to reconnect with this experience which we all share, narrowing the gap between the trees experience and our human experience of nature. This piece is also a celebration of scale, I have to look up to this piece and he has to look up to the trees. Even the tallest human can stand amongst trees and feel in awe of their magnificence.“

via MyModernMet